Electronic direct debit (EDD) makes cashless payment transactions simple and secure. It allows you to debit your customers’ accounts. Inexpensively, and without going via a credit card provider.

What is NFC?

NFC is the abbreviation for near field communication – an internationally established standard. With NFC, data is transmitted wirelessly between devices over short distances in encrypted form. Due to its high standards of security, NFC is ideally suited to mobile payment via smartphone – such as with Pay-At-Match®.

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Direct debit goes 2016In the future, too, you can collect payments at low cost using the mobile payment system with the electronic direct debit (EDD) advantage.

What is Pay-At-Match?

The future of EDD

The existing direct debit system will be replaced by SEPA in February 2016. But don’t worry. Things will continue as usual for you with Pay-At-Match®! The payments from your customers will still go directly to your account: simply and immediately.

Mobile Payment via Smartphone

For most people, mobile payment means paying with credit card via their smartphone. And for business, it means high charges. But not with Pay-At-Match®. Because Pay-At-Match® is like a virtual cash card: inexpensive.

Pay-At-Match in MyWallet

Pay-At-Match® belongs to the mobile payment app MyWallet from Deutsche Telekom. Which is good for you, because your customers know and trust MyWallet.

Compatible and flexible

Pay-At-Match® matches. With your existing payment system, too: we adjust to suit everything from your customer cards to the payment network provider. That matches your IT and your security demands.


Start for free

Is your payment terminal set up for NFC? Then you can get started and offer your customers mobile payment with Pay-At-Match®. Just contact your payment network provider. Nothing more is needed: no new infrastructure, no additional investment costs.

Reduce costs

Collect payments, repay, give change, repay, roll it up, take it to the bank and pay it in. Cash not only costs time, it also costs money. Money you can save with Pay-At-Match®.

Save time

Queues at the checkout? That means unsatisfied customers! Pay-At-Match® puts an end to it. Your customers don’t have to root around for small change anymore and your employees no longer have to hand it out. Everything becomes faster, and your customers are more satisfied.

Offer security

Mobile payment is a question of trust and security. Pay-At-Match® offers you the highest standards of security. It is the only process that securely encrypts all communication methods: from NFC transmission between a smartphone and payment terminal to data transfer with your payment network provider. For your sake and that of your customers’ trust.

Demonstrate innovation

Mobile payment is the future. With Pay-At-Match®, you can show your customers how simple and secure mobile payment can be today. Prove your innovative power and make sure you have the decisive advantage over the competition.

Integrate easily

Pay-At-Match® can be integrated into your own payment systems, customer cards and couponing without difficulty. That’s how you increase customer loyalty!

Keep your payment network provider

If you are happy with your current payment network provider, you can continue to work with them. You don’t have to change because of Pay-At-Match®: we adapt to you.

Direct line

If a debt claim is not paid, information has to be laboriously collected from various banks. Until now. Because with Pay-at-Match®, you or your payment network provider receive all the information regarding the transaction directly from Pay-At-Match®.

Find out about the benefits and make your choice.

How does it work?

Step 1

  • Open the MyWallet app from Telekom
  • Select Pay-At-Match® card
  • Choose ‘Registration’ button

Step 2

  • Enter personal data
  • Agree to the general terms and conditions, data protection conditions and conditions of use

Step 3

  • One-time entry of online banking PIN
  • If applicable, enter further bank-specific identification

Step 4

  • Click OK
  • Done!

Step 1

  • Select the MyWallet app from Telekom on your smartphone

Step 2

  • Enter MyWallet PIN

Step 3

  • Possible payment methods are displayed
  • Select Pay-At-Match®

Step 4

  • Click ‘Pay now’
  • Hold your smartphone against the payment terminal

Step 5

  • Smartphone vibrates after transaction
  • Payment amount and notice of debit withdrawal displayed
  • That’s it!



Registration and activation

Pay-At-Match® is really simple for your customers, too. After an initial login to the registration system,
Pay-at-Match® is activated. Ready to go!


Payment process

During mobile payment, simply open MyWallet on your smartphone, select the Pay-At-Match® card and hold the mobile phone against the payment terminal. Click ‘Pay now’ – everything is explained on the display! What is NFC?



The EDD starts when ‘Pay now’ is clicked. An authorisation request for the process is sent via a secure connection. If the payment data is all correct, it is saved by the payment network operator and later forwarded to your customer’s bank. Your terminal receives positive feedback and you receive your money.



The payment process is completed in traditional fashion with a printed receipt – only, of course, if the EDD has been accepted. And all without a signature or PIN.


Protection No. 1:
The personal PIN

Pay-At-Match® can only be used via the personal PIN of the MyWallet app.

Protection No. 2: The cryptography chip

The customer data for Pay-At-Match® is secure. It is saved in its own ‘Secure element’ on the SIM card of the smartphone: the cryptography chip. This security element enables highly complex encryption of the data and therefore the highest standards of security.

Protection No. 3: RSA and Triple DES encryptions

The highest level of security is key in the data transfer between smartphone and payment terminal. The identity of the Pay-At-Match® applet is conveyed via an RSA encryption and the individual elements of payment data are subject to triple DES encryption. A secure business that meets the standards of the future.

Become a partner

Into the future with Pay-At-Match

Vegetables or clothes, an independent retailer or part of a chain? Your product or company size make no difference to Pay-At-Match®. To become a Pay-At-Match® partner is to choose innovation, because mobile payment is the future.

With Pay-At-Match®, you can play a bigger role in designing this future than with any other mobile payment provider: without investment or additional charges, but with the highest levels of security, innovative service and practical support. We integrate Pay-At-Match® into your payment system or existing app. Get in touch with us – we’ll be happy to hear from you.

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